Dubai - City of Dreams
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Latest Dubai Property News

why now is the time to invest in Dubai

now is the time to invest in Dubai


will be the tallest building in Dubai

New Website Launch :

New Website offering great deals on Spanish Property

‘One at Palm Jumeirah’

Dubai’s Omniyat, Drake & Scull Launch New Project In Palm Jumeirah

Why Buy Dubai Property?

Dubai Property

HAPPINESS IS A PLACE CALLED HOME :  Acclaimed as the Capital of the New World, Dubai is a city where ambitions and aspirations come to life. Home to nearly 2.5 million residents representing almost every nation on earth, this city boasts of the tallest man-made sturcture in the world, the biggest shopping mall and some of the new-world-wonders that truly reflect the ambitious spirit of Dubai.

Making this city one’s home is a dream come true: Dubai is safe, it’s progessive, it’s cosmopolitan and no matter where one comes from, Dubai is centrally located to reach 1/3 of the world’s population within a matter of few hours. The result is an unbelievably interesting melting pot of cultures where the world meets one another.

In an era where the world is becoming smaller and smaller, and ambitions and aspirations shape the new world, Dubai is the best place to be – and the ideal place to call home.

Why Buy Dubai Property ?

  • Sustained property price growth in Dubai .

  • Rental income of < 8% .

  • One of the world’s strongest property hotspots .

  • No capital gains tax , corporation tax , income tax.

    No Property taxes when you Buy , Sell , Rent

  • More than 2 billion people live within a 2 hour flight.

  • THE Business and Tourism Hub of the Middle East.

    So Don’t miss out, find out how to invest or request more details today. 

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing cities , the hottest real estate spot on the planet. We are witnessing a modern day Gold Rush in the "City of Gold".

Dubai is a spectacular city with gleaming towers and stunning sights, and along Jumeirah Beach there are the Palm Islands, the World and Dubai Waterfront invading the dazzling azure of the Arabian Gulf.   

Dubai ,  " City of Dreams "

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